Why Children Need to Learn Reading

Most parents will think when is the right time to introduce books to children. In fact, the best answer is as early as possible. This is important so that children get used to the feeling and seeing the book in addition to listening to the stories in it. This habit will then lead children to enjoy reading. Actually, what are the benefits if children learning reading from an early age? Here, we have prepared an explanation.

Increase children’s vocabulary
Reading is a suitable alternative for introducing a lot of vocabulary to children because by reading, they slowly understand the meaning and context of a word. In addition, it cannot be denied that children will color each of their chatter with increasingly diverse vocabulary that they get from the books they read.

Determine the child’s mindset
Even though it is still early, it is important to teach children to have a mature mindset, in the sense that they are able to solve problems without hurting others. This mindset will be a provision until later he is an adult, especially if in the story with life lessons that educate children to shape their attitudes, such as diligently saving, not lying, diligent in giving alms, and so on.

Increase children’s imagination
Reading requires imagination, especially for narrative reading. If children are trained to have high imagination power, this will be directly proportional to high intelligence as well. This is because imagination is believed to stimulate the neurological development of the child’s brain. Another good thing, the child’s penchant for reading and being formed to have a high imagination, does not rule out if the child will become a writer at a later date because of his talents which are honed from an early age.

Practice communication skills
Language is the most fundamental means of communication, and children who are avid readers will indirectly be accustomed to seeing good sentence structure, as well as a diverse vocabulary. This will be directly proportional to the way they speak to explain something better than children their age who read less.

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