Wash Your Car The Right Way!

Washing your own car at home is not a problem. In fact, it can save more money. However, washing your own car at home cannot be done carelessly. Car owners must understand very well how to wash a car properly and correctly. So that the car is in good condition. Do not let the good intentions of washing your own car at home actually cause harm. You can get help from mobile car detailing memphis Royal 1 Car Detailing.

Don’t do the following:

The majority of people clean cars by directly splashing the body or glass. Actually, you have to wash the car starting from the roof. Because the roof is the dirtiest part and a bit difficult to clean. Cleaning the roof of your car lately will only make your car body dirty again. After the car roof is clean, then you can start washing the car body. Because the dirt from the roof of the car has gone down to other parts of the car body.

Reluctant to Prepare Flowing Water
You can use a bucket to mix car shampoo and water. However, you should prepare running water for when rinsing the car. Running water will help speed up the car wash process. Dirt attached to the roof and body of the car will come down easily. You also don’t have to bother dealing with the remnants of shampoo that sticks to the surface of the car.

Ignoring the Bottom of the Car
The bottom of the car should not escape the washing process. Because dust, dirt, and mud adhering to the bottom of the car can affect engine performance. Use running water to clean the bottom of the car thoroughly. Especially if you’ve recently traveled in a dirty place. You have to make sure that there is no debris stuck to the bottom of the car.

Cover the car immediately after washing
You don’t want your car to get dirty again after washing. This may make you immediately cover it with a car cover. In fact, covering a car that has just been washed is prone to causing mildew. As a result, moldy glass looks dull and difficult to clean. It would be better if you air a freshly washed car for several hours before covering it with a car cover.

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