How to Make Simple Bookkeeping

For beginner business people, making simple bookkeeping is very important. Because keeping proper myob expert manly is the key to a successful business on a large and small scale.

In large companies, bookkeeping has been carried out using the services of an accountant. This is because financial statements do not only function to calculate profits and losses but also become a source of information in policymaking. Because business competition is getting tougher, decision making must be based on facts and data. It is different from beginner business people, simple bookkeeping aims so that a business can have a clear direction and can develop optimally. For this reason, it is important for beginner business actors to start making simple bookkeeping.

In making bookkeeping, it cannot be separated from the science of accounting. The accounting cycle simply contains four important activities, namely recording, classifying, summarizing, and bookkeeping. The best time to do simple bookkeeping is when you start at the opening stage. You also need to record liabilities, record assets, capital, income, expenses, and income continues to be able to compile a balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

When you start your business, you can create a separate book that specifically records expenses. You need to record all types of expenses and purchases. Starting from operations, raw materials, to employee salaries, you can record them continuously and clearly. Expense records will let you know the amount of venture capital that has been issued. If you already know, then it’s easy to set targets and plan when the capital will return.

After recording expenses, you can start creating a cash income book. Later, this income book can be used to record all transactions related to company income. Some examples of income are the number of product sales per day or receivables that have been paid. This record must be continuously carried out every day. Because it will make it easier for you to make monthly bookkeeping. The cash books of expenses and income that are recorded in an orderly manner will let you know how much profit you get a day.

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