How To Maintain A Watch Properly

If you just buy a new watch, congratulations on purchasing your watch. Now you are the owner of something more than a chronometer. The tiny disc on your wrist is now a work of art and science, a tribute to human intelligence. However, from all of the above, there are conditions that you must pay attention to and do to take care of your AUGUST BERG so that it continues to function optimally and can be passed on to your children in the future. Before you put your watch on your wrist, here are a few things you should pay attention to. The most important thing is cleaning the watch.

Always ensuring the cleanliness of the outside of your watch will minimize the chance of dirt getting into the watch. Wipe your watch regularly to remove dust, grime, and remove moisture from sweat. If your watch is not water-resistant, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. While the water-resistant clock, you can clean it with a soft damp cloth. It’s not just the watch case that you have to clean. Watch straps in several materials such as leather, stainless steel, and rubber are also in direct contact with your sweaty skin.

Not all watches have water resistance feature. If indeed your watch is water-resistant, surely each watch has a different level. In general, avoid hours of contact with chemical-based liquids such as perfumes, colognes, oils, and similar cosmetics. These fluids can damage the watch case and strap. Make sure the perfume dries on the wrist before you wear the watch. However, in watch maintenance, you need to make sure to store the watch properly. You may have more than one watch that you alternate between times. Storing your watch in a dry, moisture-free place will extend the life of your watch. We recommend storing your watch in a watch box to keep it away from dust and dirt, or if you need a watch winder for your automatic watch.

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