Cool Natural Stone Fence Ideas For Homes

The design of the walls of the house itself is currently very diverse and the making of basic materials varies. Because it has a different type of fence depending on the building, the type of house fence has many variations. You can get the best block fence by visiting Hire In.

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Today, natural stone fences are increasingly in demand by various groups to create a modern home that is cool, minimalist, and natural. Why?

Natural stone fences display beauty compared to cement plants, which are more efficient and economical in terms of price because they do not require a paint coating. In terms of age, natural stone fences are more durable and durable than other materials. Even the use of natural stone fences can be up to 20 or 30 years!

The many types of natural stone make you more flexible in choosing natural stone fence material.

– Combine wood with natural stone fences

Natural stone and wood both give a beautiful and natural impression. Wood has a distinctive color, as well as natural stone. The color is not uniform. It is dark and there is light too, but precisely this color diversity creates the beauty of the natural stone. Natural stone fences with wood will be the perfect combination for home fencing, very suitable for residential with minimalist home architectural style.

– Natural andesite stone fences

Andesite stones are formed from melting volcanic lava that has frozen or commonly called lava rock (lava stone). Based on the style and color, there are two types of andesite namely plain andesite and black andesite stones which then get the final touch through the polishing process, gloss polish, and various other processes.

Andesite type natural stone is still the number one choice to be applied to natural stone fences, both for the wall of the front fence and the wall behind the fence.

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