Check Your HP Laptop Specifications

Just like any other electronic item, laptop performance will usually decrease over time. Although it can be tricked with service, there is nothing wrong if you replace it with a new one. Until now there are many laptops available on the market. Prices and models also vary. If you have chosen an HP laptop series according to your intended use, then pay attention to the specifications of a laptop that is comfortable to use.

Laptops with SSDs are recommended for those of you who want comfort when turning on a laptop or writing and reading data. If you choose the ENVY series for traveling, you can be more comfortable if you choose a laptop equipped with an SSD. Likewise, if you choose the OMEN or HP series, laptops equipped with SSD are preferable. This tough laptop becomes more perfect with SSD for the system, and HDD for storage.

Core i5 processor or higher
Processing performance often changes depending on CPU performance. For that, check whether the CPU is in accordance with the series and your intended use. If the laptop will be used to process videos and games, choose a core i5 or more for more flexibility. You can also choose an HP laptop equipped with Ryzen 5/7. Ryzen 5/7 is considered to have the same performance as the core i5. If you don’t have a specific preference for intel or AMD, the Ryzen series can be a great choice. You can reduce the purchase budget.

One type of HP laptop that you can choose from is the HP OMEN 15-dc0036tx. Single panel access to HDD, SSD, and RAM makes it easy for you to upgrade in the future. Thus, you will have no trouble upgrading to keep up with the evolving game specifications. Therefore, this laptop can be an option for gamers who want to find easy upgrades. You don’t need to buy a new laptop with any higher specifications. In addition, the temperature of the laptop remains cool as the game heats up. This condition occurs due to the fan design that combines a large size, three-phase motor, and fluid dynamic bearings. The keyboard is also interesting because it allows you to press keystrokes with great precision.

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