4 Smart Reuse Things To Turn Your Old Nalgene Bottles For More Functions

Are you using some Nalgene Bottles right now? Have you already known how to use and reuse them for your best health and quality? Of course, you must know about it. We all know that this bottle is very recommend and they have a high-quality product. Therefore, you must take care of them in order to make it last longer.

The quality of this bottle is not doubtful. they are environment-friendly, BPA free, cheap, high quality, reuse friendly, and also healthy enough. Additionally, they have cute and interesting designs for every bottle. Some may also serve the custom bottle design.

How To Reuse Nalgene Bottles
So how are the ways to make your bottle reusable? If you have your old bottles, you may not need to throw them. You can reuse them for better stuff. It will make it surprising.

1. Reuse It As Solar Lanterns
The design of this bottle is interesting enough and it has high-quality material. If you no longer use it, you can reuse it to make a solar lantern. The way is by adding the LED light (cap200).

2. Make It As A Toothbrosher Hodler
It will be very interesting to reuse the Nalgene Bottles to be a toothbrusher holder. They can hold several brushers if your bathroom. Moreover, they have interesting color choices and models. Additionally, you can bring them easily when you are on a trip.

Use It As Beautiful Vase

You can consider making your old bottle to be vase in your house. Of course, you need to add some cute or beautiful accessories or stickers on it. You may not need to worry because they are friendly to the environment.

4. Best Bottle For Hot Water

As Nalgene Bottles are BPA free and made of high-quality material, they are safe enough to put hot water into it. You can bring it to your car or even your trip to get some hot drink. it will be really interesting to do this because they are really reusable.

So, are you attracted? This is the time for you to move to a high-quality bottle for drinking. You can check and buy this product on promotionalitems.me. No worry, they are affordable enough and you can also get more discounts here.

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